My opening thoughts.

Well, here I am. September 13th, 2011. Starting my first blog ever only because Sean Mansheim, whose name I can type into my google bar to check the spelling, inspired me with his creative and insightful writing.

I’m gonna try to bring something new to the table each time I post. It will likely be incredibly random, both in content and in the time of my posting, but I feel like it will allow me to finally express a lot of what I have going on inside of me. I often wish that I had the time and opportunity to write a lot of what comes into my head down, but I don’t really just want to open up a word document and start typing, it just seems so closed off. I like the feel blogging because it gets my ideas out there to be read, and maybe even laughed at or thoughtfully digested. I also hope that somehow people might be able to give me feedback, mostly in the form of answers to any questions or worries I might have, since it would allow me to know that it didn’t go unheard/unread. But, it doesn’t mean that if you read something you have to reply, it’s just that sometimes it might be nice. If anyone does read this. Or any of them.

I feel like this is enough for my first post and says most of what I want to. If I have updates, I’ll post them as needed. For now, here you go. Just sit and wait for the ideas to come pouring out of me so you can revel in my awesomeness. Yes. I am awesome. And no, I don’t actually believe I’m that cool. I really like sarcasm and fake arrogance. You might have to get used to that though…


About Timothy Ewald

I am 19 years old and have a fascination with blogging/diaries/journals but I would rather type than write. My faith keeps me going in life and is often something I am thinking about. Relient K is the best and will likely be used in much of what I write, especially since I love that they are a Christian band. I also like pizza. A lot. And cereal. And sports. Especially the Packers. View all posts by Timothy Ewald

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