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It’s almost here. It’s less than a week away. September 20th, 2011. I can’t wait and I am filled to the brim with excitement. That’s right, it’s my Mom’s 54th Birthday!!!

What? What do you mean that this isn’t what you were expecting? Well, you should know my family better then. Geez.

But, in all honesty, it is my mother’s birthday on September 20th and I am excited for it. I don’t think my mother will be pleased that I posted her age on the internet, however. I just bought her some flowers to be sent to her on her birthday, and the total came up to $42 and some change. For $30 flowers. That’s $12 in delivery and handling. Needless to say, that did not make me excited. Especially being a college student and all, but I know that it is well worth it. The prices are still ludicrous.

Subject change. Gears of War 3. This is why I first was going to make a post, since I keep delaying homework thinking about GOW 3 and thinking about playing some GOW 2 in anticipation of GOW 3. Gears of War 3 comes out on September 20th and I am excite. No, don’t worry, I’m still going to remember it is my mother’s birthday and I am certainly going to call her and wish her a Merry Christm… Happy Birthday, but I don’t know if I will be functional enough to do my homework for that day. I have pre-ordered the Limited Edition of GOW 3 and am having Amazon deliver it to my college so I can play it on launch day. I effectively ruined the next two weeks of my sophomore year of college with this decision.

Nonetheless, it is going to blow my brain out of the cavity in my head. I love GOW 2 and I was a beta player of GOW 3 in the spring, who even bought Bulletstorm just so I could have an extra week with the beta. I am dedicated. I thought I was excited for Call of Duty: Black Ops when I pre-ordered it my freshman year, but it is nothing like this. I play with 3 (sometimes 4, if Cole isn’t obsessively playing NBA 2K11) good friends of mine when I do play GOW, which makes it even better. No matter what happens in the game it is easy to have a good time while playing with these guys. Except when they fight and bicker. Or when I “am eating pizza” or not starting the match IMMEDIATELY, because then they get mad at me. Did I tell you I like pizza?

Sorry for any inside jokes that may have occurred in the end of that last paragraph. Anyway, I am literally putting off Norwegian homework as I write this because I was too obsessed with thinking about this game to do some stupid “Stein på stein” stuff for a class. Norsk er vanskelig, og jeg blir stresset når jeg tenker på det. I prefer Anatomy and Physiology. And English.

Hope you have a stress-free evening/day/morning/whenever-you-might-read-this. I wrote it in the evening while doing homework, however, and I think it is best understood under such circumstances.


My opening thoughts.

Well, here I am. September 13th, 2011. Starting my first blog ever only because Sean Mansheim, whose name I can type into my google bar to check the spelling, inspired me with his creative and insightful writing.

I’m gonna try to bring something new to the table each time I post. It will likely be incredibly random, both in content and in the time of my posting, but I feel like it will allow me to finally express a lot of what I have going on inside of me. I often wish that I had the time and opportunity to write a lot of what comes into my head down, but I don’t really just want to open up a word document and start typing, it just seems so closed off. I like the feel blogging because it gets my ideas out there to be read, and maybe even laughed at or thoughtfully digested. I also hope that somehow people might be able to give me feedback, mostly in the form of answers to any questions or worries I might have, since it would allow me to know that it didn’t go unheard/unread. But, it doesn’t mean that if you read something you have to reply, it’s just that sometimes it might be nice. If anyone does read this. Or any of them.

I feel like this is enough for my first post and says most of what I want to. If I have updates, I’ll post them as needed. For now, here you go. Just sit and wait for the ideas to come pouring out of me so you can revel in my awesomeness. Yes. I am awesome. And no, I don’t actually believe I’m that cool. I really like sarcasm and fake arrogance. You might have to get used to that though…